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FAQs about Sworn Translation


1. What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translations are a type of translation with official validity required by certain entities to carry out official procedures such as the validation of academic degrees, registration at the Civil and Land Registers, taking out insurance policies, applying for a travel Visa, etc. This type of translation needs to be done by a sworn translator and should include a statement from the translator certifying that the contents of the translation match the original document.

2. Do your translations have official validity?

Our translators appear on the official list of active sworn translators and interpreters published on the website of Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation. Encino Translations offers translations officially valid to carry out all kinds of procedures in any country in the world. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

3. What documents require a sworn translation?

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death, criminal record / ACRO certificates, court decisions, affidavits, official documents for any kind of legal procedures, diplomas and academic records, driving licences, certificates of naturalisation, documents for Visa applications, Notarial or legal documents, agreements, patents and in general all types of public documents.

4. Do I need to send my original documents?

No, you do not need to send us the original documents. We will only ask you to provide us with a legible scanned copy of the document, preferably in colour, since colour images make it easier to read any handwritten annotations and stamps on the documents.

5. How will I receive my sworn translations?

All our sworn translations are delivered in PDF format digitally signed with an official digital certificate issued by the FNMT and the sworn translator’s stamp. In addition, we will send you a draft of the translation by email so that you can review it and make sure that you are completely satisfied with it.

6. Are digitally signed sworn translations valid or do I need them in paper format?

Both the Spanish Consulate and the public administrations in Spain now accept sworn translations electronically signed with a digital certificate issued by the FNMT, as published on the website of Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EUR and Cooperation:

Logo Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España
Anuncio Ministerio Asuntos Exteriores Firma Electrónica Traducciones Juradas

We can also confirm that our clients had no issues with our digitally signed sworn translations for all procedures in Spain or at the Spanish Consulate, such as the retention of the Spanish nationality and travel and student VISA applications.

7. Can I print a digitally signed sworn translation?

Yes, our clients can print digitally signed sworn translations without any problem for all types of public entities, including the Consulate of Spain in London, since the details of the signing translator match the ones on the official list of translators and interpreters published by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the list of official translators updated by the Consulate itself. In addition, should any authority require the original translation, the PDF with the digital signature can be provided by email at any time.

8. How much do my translations cost and when will they be ready?

Our minimum fee is £45 (or the equivalent in Euros) per 1-page document. Please contact us through our Contact Form to get a sworn translation quote and delivery time for any documents.


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